Jaimini astrology and Atmakaraka

The natural Atmakaraka is the Sun in all natal charts.

The functional Atmakaraka can be Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu depending on its degree in the Vedic birth chart. The planet that has the highest degree is considered the functional Atmakaraka ( Chara Atmakaraka )

The following karakas exist in Jaimini astrology.

  1. Atmakaraka or Chara Atmakaraka 
  2. Amatyakaraka 
  3. Bhratrukaraka 
  4. Matrukaraka 
  5. Putrakaraka 
  6. Gnatikaraka 
  7. Darakaraka 

The above karakas are identified based on degrees. The planet with highest degree will be Atmakaraka ( Chara Atmakaraka )and the next planet with a lesser degree will be Amatyakarka and will go on in descending order.


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