Vyaya Bhava – Twelfth House

Vyaya Bhava – Twelfth House

Written by – Mladen Lubura

The 12th bhava is the last bhava in the Kalpurusha/Zodiac. Represents the ideas of loss and weakness, therefore it is natural that it is unpopular and often ignored: people do not like to lose, human beings naturally like life and creation (Lagna). Though, if we had not the 12th bhava in horoscope our whole evolution would be questionable. I will try to explain the importance of the 12th bhava in the following text.

Necessary conditions of our existence in this world (Bhu loka) are: soul (Surya), body
(Lagna) and mind (Chandra). According to this the two the very important bhavas in the
horoscope are Lagna and the 4th bhava. Their karakas are Surya (1st,9th) and Chandra (4th).

Numerological analyze of the number 12

12 = 10 + 2 (0= Lagna; 1 = Surya; 2 = Chandra)

1+0+2 = 3 (Guru)

We can see that the number 12 hides a great potential (SY, CH) in its self, and has a great
bond with number 3 which is the number of Guru (Brihaspati). Deva Guru Brihaspati is
Dhi (intelligence) who bless people to be above other beings in the world. Brihaspati is the
one who gives intuition and activates the 3rd eye, and Brihaspatiʹs blessings gives the
posibility to see the past and the future. Deva Guru Brihaspati is the pure manifestation of
the Bhagavan who gives supreme knowledge for the good of the whole world. For Jyotish
this is of great importance, so Prashna Marga recommends that Jyotishi should be viewed
in the 12th bhava, and that his karma is that establish dharma (10th from 12th is 9th bhava).

About the 12th bhava

Dwadasa aditya

“Dwadasa aditya or the twelve sun signs are the fields of knowledge and source of
material benefits for the maintainence of the created being”. (Sanjay Rath)

The Zodiac consist of the 12th rashis. These are called the twelve Sun signs (Dwadasa
Aditya) and this is one of the most important principles in Jyotish shastra. They are the
givers of everything in this world. One complete cycle of the Sunʹs motion trough the
zodiac determinates the 12 rashis. In a similar way, a manʹs whole life is determinated
with this cycle of motion from the 1st to the 12th bhava, from birth until pasing away. The
Creator (Brahma) is manifestated trought the 12 rashis in the horoscope. These are His
limbs. The 12th bhava are His feet. Since the human body is the reflection of the Universe,
the limbs of the Kalpurusha/Zodac are human limbs too.

Therefore, Surya trough 12 adityas created this world, and ones who cretead us (parents)
we view in varga 12, Dvadasamsa (v12). We can see that number 12 always shows the
whole cycle, so the first 12 vargas in Jyotish tell us about a physical level (from v‐1 to v‐
12), the next 12 in the mental conscious level (from v13 to v24) and so on.

The 12th bhava – concepts

With the birth of an individual, every rashi of Kalpurusha becomes bhava (state).
Kalpurusha (Cosmic Man) becomes an individual person, Prajapati Brahma becomes
Lagna/us, and every rashi becomes a specific bhava with it’s meaning.

The relationship between rashi and bhava concepts show duality of our existence:
universal (kalpurusha) and individual truth (bhava). For example if we look Kalpurusha
natural 12th bhava is a Mina rashi with qualities of Satva guna. That is real truth
(universal). But from our view (individual) 12th from AL is tamas guna, because Arudha
shows a reflection, a mirror. The 12th bhava is a apoklima bhava. The deity is Rudra.
The three main karakas for the 12th bhava are Shani (penance, severity), Shukra (bed,
pleasures…) and Ketu (moksha). These grahas together form Tapasvi yoga which gives
the qualities of yogi, and a person through tapas (spiritual discipline and renunciation)
can achieve high goals. As we can notice all three karakas (SA, SK, KT) which form this
yoga are karakas for the 12th bhava, and that reveals the true nature of Tapasvi yoga: focus on the 12th bhava and achieving moksha.

The 12th bhava represents Tapa loka and Shani rules her. He has the knowledge about
creation because his deity is Brahma, the creator of the whole world. After Tapa loka only
Satya loka (1st bhava) remains, and this is the ultimate goal of every Atma because here
Atma melts with Paramatma/God. That’s why Lagna is satya peetha in kundali/horoscope,
the only Truth.

Rahu, the co ruler of the natural 11th bhava is the only one of all grahas who can aspect
graha/bhava immediately next to its self. He is the only graha with 12th drishti (counted
directly this is 2nd bhava) and he is the only true obstacle to reach moksha (12th) bhava.
Because of this Rahu is the main cause of rebirth, and one who can catch Surya (dharma)
in an eclipse.

Name of the 12th bhava is Vyaya (loss) and Moksha too (complete salvation from the cycles of birth, death and rebirth). As we can see these two terms (moksha and vyaya) are
conjoined, and there is no moksha without compete rejection of the ego and individuality,
as well as rejection of all forms of attachment. Fading of these bonds with the manʹs world, the human usually perceive as a painful loss, while a man with high level of consciousness like one step closer to ultimate goal, to God. In the 12th bhava everything becomes amorphous, everything melts. Here individuality fades, as well as defined and clear, and universal and strange becomes predominant. Paramatma is ready to embrace us.

Mina rashi is in natural Kalpurusha positioned in the 12th bhava and ruled by
Guru/akasha tatva. Since this is the last bhava Mina rashi is the carrier of idea great
sacrifice and loss in this material world, as well as the idea of universal love and help,
regeneration (Guru, Maha Vishnu).

The 12th bhava shows: distant journeys and pleasures in bed (SK), punishment and
expenses (SA), sleep (CH), mercy (GU), misfortune and bad deeds (RH), meditation(KT).

Surya is in the 12th bhava in the marana karaka sthan. Mina rashi corresponds with the
12th bhava, and here is Shukra exalted, Guru is the natural ruler, Budh is debilitated, and
Ketu gets his multrikon (duty) here.

Budh is debilitated in the 12th bhava because the intellect losses its meaning in the field of
undefined and transcendent (akasha tatva). He can not understand undefined because
Budh is precise and clear.

In the 12th bhava we have to set free of all attachment, as well as pay our debts from the
past, and that burden is showed by Shani (karaka), who shows all losses that we have to

Ketu is kaivalya karaka, significator of moksha, and his multrikon (duty) in Mina rashi
tells us that his duty is to separate us from this world.

Not one bhava in kundali is isolated, not even the 12th bhava. With their argala: 1st, 2nd
(only malefics), 3rd , 4th (secondary argala), and 10th bhava influence the 12th bhava, so
bad health, speech, food, excess in sex, luck and work, tend to disturb our sadana,
meditative praxis, and our sleep.

In a similar way, the 12th bhava has an argala on the 11th, 10th (only if malefic is in 12th), 9th, 8th , 2nd bhava. Therefore, our expenses and giving influence our gains, karma, dharma, longevity and family.

The 12th bhava represents the feet, the left eye and lymphatic system. The twelve houses
have been linked to the body parts starting from the head (first) to the feet (twelfth) by

This is the bhava of sleep, relaxation mental and physical both, regeneration. Dreams are
in the 9th bhava, which represents activity (10th from 12th) of 12th bhava. Malefics
connected with 12th bhava shows lack of sleep and problems coused by secret enemies.

In regards to that the 12th bhava is the 9th (bhagya) from the 4th bhava of curing, any graha positioned in 12th bhava can help or even worsen the process of curing. Benefics here are excellent and help a person to quick revival, while malefics tend to make problems, even to aggravate state of a person.

According to Ashraya concept (The 5th bhava from any bhava represents gains from that
bhava), the 12th bhava is 5th from the 8th bhava, so here we see the result of our death.
Trines (4th, 8th, 12th bhava) shows the mans last moments in life, death and state after death.
Parashara says that more malefics in the 12th bhava takes a person to hell after death.

We need to realise that 12th bhava from Lagna shows death as a loss of body, the time of
death and not moksha. We view Moksha from the 12th bhava from Atma Karaka in
Navamsa, there Atma Karaka grants Moksha, there we find out our Ishta Devata or God.

Chandra is representing our mind/mana and the way how that mind is performing.
Chandra rasi is what we think of our selves, and regarding to Chandraʹs connection to the
way we sustain our lives, the 12th from CH shows the way, what we think about our
wife/anuchara that is following us. Malefics gives family problems. During Sade Sati,
transit of Shani in the 12th bhava gives troubles in marriage/home life /home changes etc.

The 12th from Chandra or AL will indicate the end of self consciousness, here we see our
consciousness in the last moments of life (12th). This is the reason why benefics in 3rd from AL gives peaceful, quiet death because of Sukha argala (4th) on 12th bhava from AL/CH.
Also, malefics in the 12th bhava cause defeat and death while benefics cause success and

12th bhava – Expenses, loses, debts…

The 12th bhava shows expenses. It has argala on 11th and 2nd bhava, so these expenses
stimulate us to make money, to have profits. Expenses can be willing and unwilling.
Charity and granting sets us free and brings us closer to Moksha. The 12th bhava is 4th
(sukha) from 9th bhava and because of that through charity, renunciation and costs, we can establish or rust our Dharma. On psychology level, the 12th bhava shows interior
frustration (Ketu) and everything what is hidden and repressed (5th from 8th bhava). Also
represents the error in our intellect (8th from 5th bhava) and bad habits (RH).

Vyaya bhava represent our past, exactly genetics of a family that we originate from, our
family genesis. One of the names are Rina debts from the past. That is bhava where we
need to repay all our debts and leave all celestial possession because without that we canʹt find relief/Moksha.

The 12th bhava also shows Gotra, forefathers, lineage, i.e. family into which he is born. The
12th bhava indicates the maternal grandfather (9th from the 4th ) and the paternal
grandmother (4th from the 9th) as well, therefore the grandparents from both lineages are
involved. In Dvadasamsa chart (V12), the 12th bhava indicate the prenatal existence of the child and experience at that time.

Particularity of the 12th bhava

The 12th bhava is very specific and if we could understand itʹs nature completely, that
would mean that we are illuminated. There are some amazing rules that jyotish classics
give to us, for example, Bhavartha Ratnakara states that karakas of the grahas positioned
in the 12th bhava will prosper. Or:

− Ramanujacharya says that a person is fortunate through bhavaʹs whose karakaʹs are in
the 12th bhava. Also, Bhavartha Ratnakara says: If Shukra and Chandra are both in
12th bhava, the native will be fortunate through his mother and wife.
− Sanjay Rath says: If the karaka of the bhava where Rahu is placed is in the 12th
bhava, then the evils of Rahu can be checked by that graha.
− Grahas in the twelfth bhava give contrary results. (Jaimini Sutra 4.3.65)

Any graha in the 12th bhava is generally inauspicious because it becomes weak. Also,
bhavas under their rulership are weaken. For example, if the lord of 9th bhava is in the 12th bhava, father can spring from poor family. Malefics in the 12th bhava cause defeat and death. Benefics in the 12th bhava can be auspicious for certain segments of life, and itʹs the best when Badakesh is placed here, because then it is the blessing of Shiva and then badhak disappears. Then dasa of badhakesh gives huge prosperity. Lot of grahas in the 12th bhava give always big frustration and show huge losses. Also, many grahas in 12th bhava is shadripu, shows sexual blemish.

Beside badakesh, sometimes is in the 12th bhava is well placed lord of the 8th bhava:
“If the 8th lord is in the 12th in combination with debilitated or inimical planets and the
lagna lord is strong, the person’s diseases will be destroyed.“ (Bhavartha Ratnakara,

If lord of the 6th bhava is placed in same position (above mentioned) as lord of the 8th,
then a personʹs enemy will be destroyed.

There are special yogas which show predispositions of the native toward wasting. For
example, if the 12th lord from lagna or lagna lord is connected with lagna/lagna lord,
native is spendthrift.

Lagna shows that what native accepts, while the 12th bhava shows what native loses or

12th bhava from any bhava, lagna, arudha or graha shows restriction, losses or giving in
regard to that bhava, lagna, arudha etc.

Any Graha in the 12th bhava from AL gives losses and expenses. Also, any Grahas
aspecting the 12th bhava from AL cause losses and expenses.

Malefics related with the 12th bhava or itʹs lord show source of expenditure.

“If the 12th bhava have more of malefic aspects, the native would suffer loss of money
frequently.” (Jataka Tatwa, 12th Viveka)

Surya, Rahu & Shukra influencing the 12th house show losses/expenses due to the king.
Guru aspecting or conjoining the 12th bhava shows expenses on account of taxes etc.
Mangal and/or Shani aspecting (or conjoining) the 12th shows losses through younger and
/or elder brothers. Budh aspecting or conjoining the 12th bhava indicates losses due to
cousins etc.

12th bhava and its aruda show what we are sharing with this world, if we are not wiling
to share then we will loose our wealth. Graha in the 12th bhava needs attention and
care, if we not give to that graha then we can loose through that same graha. Grahas in
the 12th from AL shows what we are losing by destiny.

Lord of the 12th bhava brings losses and sorrow in the bhava where he is placed. He is
acting like Shani, karaka for the 12th bhava.

On bases of bhava, lord of the bhava and karaka, and their placement in regard to lagna,

arudha lagnu etc. we should carefully measure role and complete effects of the 12th bhava on our lives.

● The 12th bhava from lagna (Personality, Inteligence) is where we give our energy.

● The 12th bhava from Paka lagna (Applied intelligence) will show the focus of our

● The 12th bhava from Chandra lagna will shows the way what we think about our
partner/anuchara that is following us.

● The 12th bhava from Aruda lagna will show something material that is being given or


“When the planet in the 12th bhava is a benefic and is associated with as well as aspected
by a benefic planet, and the lord of that bhava is weak and occupies its inimical or
depression sign, the person born will not have to spend his wealth. When the planet
occupying 12th bhava is weak, but its lord is in great strength, the person concerned will
dissipate his wealth. When planets of a mixed character are asociated with the lord of the
12th bhava, the person concerned will have expense of a mixed nature. ” (Jataka Parijata,
Adh.15, sloka 74)

Here Jataka Parijata suggests that benefics, or weak grahas in the twelfth bhava do not
cause expenditure. However, the lord of the twelfth bhava is very important as it shows
the extent of expenditure that you will be prone to make. If it is strong, the native will
spend a lot. If weak, then the opposite will occur.

“If the lord of a bhava occupies a favorable bhava from itself, then the effects of that bhava will be full. If the lord occupies a favorable bhava from the lagna, the effects of that bhava will be well experienced”. (Prashna marga, ch.4, sl.42)

Upon this above we can see that experience of the native (lagna, intelligence) depends on
the placement of the lord of the 12th bhava. For example, if the lord of the 12th bhava is in
5th bhava, native can acquire good experience through going abroad or gain a good
attitude toward giving, losses etc. Also, if the lord of 12th bhava goes to an unfavorable
place from the 12th bhava, then 12th bhava abides losses.

Grahas in the twelfth bhava, or joined its lord can show the source of expenses. Also, the
graha connected with the twelfth bhava, can show the source of income due to its
dhanargala on the eleventh house.

“Earnings will be through sinful measures if Vyaya is occupied by Shani, or Mangal, etc.,

12th bhava – meditation, spiritual practice

For the 12th bhava (Mina rashi in Kalpurusha) it is said that it is the place where
Maharishis (ancient sages) reside, who know all secrets of Creation. Fishes are symbol of
Mina rashi, which are belonging to the oldest life forms living in the depths of the oceans,
with their secrets which attract gods and demons to seek over there for the nectar of
immortality, Amrita.

The 12th bhava has huge potential for spiritual development. The 5th bhava shows mantras and prayers, while the 12th bhava shows meditation, pranayama, and generally efforts for attaining Moksha. If Ketu as Moksha karaka is related to the 12th bhava, that is very good for obtaining sweetest fruit of the 12th bhava, the final emancipation, Moksha.

How mercifull a person can be we view in the 9th bhava, bacause it is the 10th (karma)
from 12th bhava (giving). So if there is a benefic in the 9th bhava and if he is aspected only
by benefics, then the native is charitable.

“If the lord of the 9th house is in his exaltation and be aspected by a benefic, the native
would be very liberal in giving alms.” (Jataka Tatwa, 12th Viveka)

The 9th bhava show our ideals. If this bhava is strong (lord exalted) and recieive shuba
aspects, then persons ideals is very high and dharmic, and lord of 9th bhava is acting like
Surya (karaka for 9th and 1st bhava), the great giver.

Meena rashi as the natural 12th bhava also shows giving and mercifulness. Hence, Jataka
Tattva states:

“If the Navamsa occupied by the Atmakaraka be Pisces, the native would give up
everything. (The native is endowed with a mentality of resignation of the worldly

12th bhava – Abroad

The 12th bhava shows going abroad and life abroad, because it is the 12th (loss, negation)
from the place of birth (1st bhava). The 12th bhava is far regions for which is karaka Shani.
Shows traveling in Cosmos, far distances… Trines to the 12th bhava (4th, 8th) influencing
going abroad also. Grahas in the 4th bhava keeping (benefics) or force (malefic) native to
stay in home or to go abroad, because having or not family peace and happiness (4th
bhava). Also, grahas in the 8th bhava stimulate departure abroad but in regard of the 8th
bhava, for example inheritance, healing, etc.

The 3rd bhava shows short distance travel and the 7th bhava shows long distance travel.
The 9th bhava and the 12th bhava show stay in a foreign land. RH and KT also promote
travelings and (i)migration, and also the karakas: Shukra (traveling) and Shani (furthest
regions). Also trines regarding to lagna make native stay home, and dustanas give
departure, specially Badhak sthana and Badhakesh.

Experience which native has abroad we can view by treating the 12th bhava as a lagna.

12th bhava – marriage, sexual pleasure

The 12th bhava is very important for marriage but not in the sense as 7th bhava
/partnerships, more as compatibility between partners. The 12th bhava shows having or
not pleasures in bed, sexual pleasures (Shukra). However, the most important link
between 12th bhava and marriage is based on the principle of giving and sharing. In the
highest sense, the 12th bhava shows what we share with the world, and when marriage is
concerned, it shows what we are prepare to give, what we are able to sacrifice for the sake
of community (marriage community). Nature of the graha on Upapada lagna (UL) shows
what is our experience in that interaction. Malefics gives painful experience, and native
can think that his giving is not evaluated enough, or that native canʹt cope with
requirements of UL. This can bring to the marriage problems or denial of marriage.

One of Sanskrit names for the 12th bhava is Anuchara or somebody who follow, follower or predecessor. On the material level, marriage partner follows us, and on the finest level it is Ishta Devata from the 12th bhava from Karakamsha. Arudha from the 12th bhava is
Upapada and represents the spouse. Shukra as Sthira karaka for spouse is very sensitive in
the 12th bhava. If it rules over bad bhavas, it can give loss of spouse. Like, lord of dusthana
in the dusthana gives Vipareeta rajyoga9, which is very good for material prosperity, but it
is very bad for marriage and it can give its breakage and loss of the spouse.

Benefics in the 12th bhava from Chandra are favorable for keeping marriage and family,
and malefics are not because they cause physically dissension between partners,
misunderstandings etc. For example: Shani can give cooling the feelings, Mangal
conflicts or too much passion, etc. Ketu as Kula Devata10 also can cause problems but only till the birth of the first child or in the first three years/months of marriage.

12th bhava – secrets, secret enemies

The 12th bhava shows secrets, hidden things and also conspiracy, assassination. The 6th
bhava is bhava of enemies and the 12th bhava represents secret enemies.

If lagna lord goes to the 12th bhava, person is restraint, has mysterious nature. If lord of the 10th bhava is connected to the 12th bhava, then it gives work connected with secret
organisations (Ketu) or services, spies (Rahu), etc. If there is no connection with the nodes,
person goes abroad because of a job.

12th bhava – isolations, prisons, restrictions…

Shani as karaka can give very bad effects as a consequence of our sins in the past. Isolation which Shani shows can be positive, if we isolate ourselves to meditate (Ketu) and to realize Ananda, bless of the pure consciousness (Shukra), and can be negative (Shani)
through jails and hospitals. In the 12th bhava we can be punished, but also there we can get forgiveness and mercy (Guru, Mina rashi). Meditation (Ketu) is a true bliss because it
develops positive effects of the 12th bhava (rest, regeration) and reducing influence of
Shani (sorrow, stress) in our life. Recommendation for pacifying the grahas in the 12th
bhava is to fast on their days.

The 10th bhava (9th bhava, bhagya regarding to the 2nd bhava, eyes) and the lord of 10th
bhava, shows sight of the native. Also Surya represents right eye and Chandra left eye.
The 12th bhava shows left eye.

“If Surya is posited in Mina rashi in the 12th bhava, he causes trouble to the right eye of the
native. The left eye would be affected if Chandra was in the same position.” (Sanketanidhi,
sloka 33)

According to Jaimini sutras connection of Surya and Upapada lagne/Vyayapada gives
weaker sight.


The minute we are born, we have debts. That is a debt toward the whole world, debt that
we carry through many incarnation, and there is also a debt that we have towards our
forefathers and parents. We repay that debt either through:
a) marriage and having childrenʹs (Guru);
b) or through complete renunciation (Shani).

Without repaying these debts, there are no blessings and pacification of the forefathers,
and there is no Moksha. So, our debts are our greatest enemies.

The twelfth bhava shows how we are repaying our debts to the pitris and devas. Here our
spiritual maturity is tested… are we ready to give and sacrifice ourselves.

The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)


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